Hoskins Waterers

  • Two-W is proud to be a distributor of the famous Hoskins Livestock Waterers.
  •  Hoskins Livestock Waterers keep water available with less trouble and less cost.
  • Here's why.
    • The unique heating design keeps water open in winter by heating the air beneath the tank. Most waterers  heat the water which costs more.
    • Hoskins Waterers are insulated to save on energy requirements.
    • Adjustable thermostat is standard on all models. You se heat unit based on how cold it gets.
    • Stainless steel float guards and brass drains minimize corrosion and plugging problems.
    • Tanks slope to drain for easy clean-out.
    • Bob valves give years of trouble free service.
    • Overflow tubes on continuous flow models are big enough to let surface dirt and feed particles flow out, leaving less sediment in the tank.

Hoskins Waterer (.jpg 13k 335 x 341 256 16m colors)